The continuing and progressive spread in today’s society of the various technologies that use or produce electromagnetic fields, from telecommunications to energy, while on the one hand creating and facilitating the economic development of society on the other it raises-sometimes rightly and sometimes wrongly-increasingly insistent doubts and perplexities about the possible harmful effects caused by the multiplication of such systems, and it is important both to put in place as effectively as possible tools and actions of prevention and protection, and a correct technical-scientific popularization on the issue inherent in what is and how is evaluated the risk from exposure to electromagnetic fields.

However, EMF ruisk assessment is, in itself, a very complex subject that requires very specialized knowledge. Unfortunately, in this area we must note widespread misinformation, also conveyed in important mass media, precisely because instead of the involvement of experts in the field it is often left in the hands of the most disparate interpretations even of those who have no technical expertise.

In our work we must unfortunately note that such misinformation manages to reach even administrative and political decision makers, dictating technically inappropriate or unnecessary choices.

In fact, the issues related to risk assessment from man-made electromagnetic sources are characterized by a very specialized technical content and therefore a very special preparation is needed to be able to deal with, explain and disseminate the technical practice and the concepts and underlying them.

Our firm and its owner, on the basis of decades of experience in telecommunications as well as in electromagnetic risk assessment, is constantly engaged in providing serious and professional popularization at events such as conferences and seminars, intended both for specialized audiences and also for the general public, such as at the public presentation of plans for the location of telecommunications facilities.

To request our participation to explain such issues at an event, public or restricted, please contact us to discuss details.

Given the high degree of professionalism and thoroughness that characterizes our work, participation in an event requires a more or less lengthy preliminary work of preparation, including of presentation materials, for which a fixed fee plus possible reimbursement of travel expenses will be required.