Electromagnetic field (EMF) analysis, measurement, and evaluation services

Unlike many other substances released into the environment, what is commonly referred to as “electrosmog” (electromagnetic waves from cell phone systems and TV repeaters, electrical systems, power lines, radio links, Wi-Fi, etc.) is a physical agent that cannot be perceived with the normal senses: it does not make noise, it does not emit odors, and it cannot be seen. Conversely, the diffusion of electromagnetic waves in the environment is an indispensable condition for the operation of wireless telecommunications equipment and the operation of related services.

Therefore, on the one hand, it is necessary that the design of the installations be carried out in a workmanlike manner by trained and licensed technicians and engineers, to ensure proper compliance with the standards and use of technology, and on the other hand, it is indispensable qualified knowledge and appropriate instrumentation to ensure that people do not live and work in conditions of potential risk for health, and to correctly assess the level of exposure to electromagnetic waves athome, workplaces or in sensitive environments of public interest such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes, children’s playgrounds, etc, in order to identify possible critical issues and countermeasures and thus elevate people’s well-being and safety.

We provide many years of experience and technical knowledge, together with certified, state-of-the-art instrumentation, to offer a range of engineering services to carry out appropriate, and certified by a licensed Engineer, measurements of environmental electromagnetic fields.

In this area, the main services provided by the firm are:

electromagnetic RISK ASSESSMENT

Calculations, drawings and reports for electromagnetic impact analysis of mobile phone base stations as required by regional Health Agencies.

EMF analysis, measurement, and evaluation services

Customized technical advice for those who receive an offer from phone operators to host antennas on their roof or terrace.


On-site measurement and evaluation, with reference to current regulations, of the electromagnetic field value, both high and low frequency.

Electromagnetic risk assessment in workplaces

Professional electromagnetic exposure risk assessment in accordance with laws ( in Italy Legislative Decree 81/08).

plans for the location of telecommunications facilities

Design of local Plans regarding electromagnetic emissions.

Conferences and specialized assistance on electromagnetic pollution issues

Specialized dissemination on issues about evaluation and analysis of electromagnetic fields, for public or private initiatives, and specialized assistance for technical boards.

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