EMF Planner©

  • Why do I have to enter all my information to make the purchase of software support services?

    We need this data to issue the relevant purchase invoice, as required by law. All data entered will be treated completely confidentially and according to the current legislation (GDPR EU Regulation 2016/679). Please note that we collect only name and address, purchase transitions take place through the secure STRIPE portal and we will not view or process your credit card numbers in any way.

  • We are an Engineering Firm, can we use EMF Planner© to draw up emf risk assessment?

    Sure. EMP Planner© performs the calculations and computations according to the standards and requirements of ITU-T Recommendation K.70 (2020) “Mitigation techniques to limit human exposure to EMFs in the vicinity of radiocommunication stations” .

  • What language is the EMF Planner© software in?

    The software and the User’s Manual are in English.

  • Are there any recurring costs for using EMF Planner©?

    The licence is valid for one year. Support and consulting is also on annual basis, of course if they are purchased on a different date, the expiry date will also be on a different date.

  • If I change the PC where the software is installed, will the relevant license continue to be valid? Can I reinsert it in the new installation on the new PC?

    The license is per single user, so once installed, the relevant key (password) can be used only on that particular computer. In case of PC change, formatting, etc., we will have to be asked for a replacement key, and the old one will be disabled.

  • What are the means of payment provided for the purchase of the license and package related to the EMF Planner© software?

    You can purchase the license directly from the developer’s website. Our support services as specified, on the other hand, must be purchased from the appropriate page on our website and can be paid for with most popular credit cards or other electronic means of payment that are displayed in the checkout form. Credit card transitions take place through the secure STRIPE portal. We will not view or process your information in any way.