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EMF Planner© is a simulation software designed for modelling, analysing and visualising EMF exposure from any radio transmitter – mobile phone base stations of any standard, TV and radio broadcasting stations, terrestrial satellite stations, PtP, PtMP, Wi-Fi, etc.

EMF Planner© is an internationally adapted version of the software SanZone, in a partnership between the CTT – Center of Telecommunications Technologies, leading electrical, electronics and telecommunications engineering software company that has been in the market for over 20 years, and PuglieseProgettazioni, which also provides consulting and support services for the use of the software.

A few things among many we’re great at:

Calculation of the electromagnetic field level using the point source method according to ITU-T Recommendation K.70 (2020) “Mitigation techniques to limit human exposure to EMFs in the vicinity of radiocommunication stations”
and related IEC 62232, b-EN 50413, IEC/EN 62311, ITU-R BS.1698 and ITU-T K.52 “Guidance on complying with limits for human exposure to electromagnetic fields” .

EMF vertical cuts

Calculation and visualisation of vertical EMF isolines, with the possibility of taking building wall attenuation into account.

EMF horizontal cuts

Calculation and visualisation of horizontal EMF isolines, with the possibility of taking building wall attenuation into account.

3D analysis

Dynamic three-dimensional visualisation of isovolumes, with customisable em field thresholds.

DTM and interactive maps

Interactive connection with multiple geographical databases, no need to import orthophotos or digital terrain models from external sources.

Bulk import of buildings

Building information is essential for the electromagnetic impact analysis; buildings can be created manually, or imported in bulk way from external data.

Exporting to DWG

All outputs are exportable in DWG format for use with CAD or GIS systems.

EMC calculation at checkpoints

Tool for defining and calculating EMC at arbitrary points, with the possibility of taking into account wall attenuation and varying height above ground.

Customisable EMF limits

Customisable EMF limits, and preset to take into account the different thresholds set by different national regulations (always being updated). It is also possible to set power reduction coefficients according to current regulations.

Integrated antenna file manager

Integrated utility for visualising, editing and performing format conversion of antenna radiation pattern files, with the possibility of calculating the envelope pattern for beamforming systems.

… and much more!

Why choose EMF Planner© ?


Safety and reliability: we have been dealing with the development of technical software in the field of electromagnetism for 20 years.


Cost and time effective: EMF Planner© has been expressly designed to speed up the processing time of calculations and reports, so design changes and optimizations will no longer be slow and exhausting procedures.


We are experts in this topic: we work every day with electromagnetic fields evaluation, so we know and anticipate in detail the problems and needs that may arise for those who use a software tool like this.


Assistance and consultancy: the customer is not left alone in front of the software, but is provided with all the necessary consultancy and technical assistance to avoid blockages or downtime in the workflow, a helpdesk is also provided for any critical issues inherent problems with the software.

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List and prices of services provided:

EMF Planner© 7.1 Customer service and consulting ( 1 year )

Support and consulting service for EMF Planner© package ( even as further extension for licenses that have already been purchased ), for a period of one year (365 days from the date of purchase) either via e-mail without limitation, or via videocall for a maximum of 15 (fifteen) sessions (lasting a maximum of 45 minutes each) to be carried out, at the Customer's request, in remote connection mode via Skype platform (or other platform free of charge for the Customer).

Price:  € 1800

On-line Tutorial course for EMF Planner©

8-hour online tutorial course for EMF Planner© 7.1, in remote connection mode via Skype platform (or other platform free of charge for the Customer).

Price:  € 800

Building database creation service ( 1 year ) for EMF Planner© 7.1

Buildings database creation service that can be imported into the software, with a predefined supply folder (max 50 files) for a period of one year (365 days starting from the date of purchase); the service consists in receiving from the Customer a vector file (shapefile) with a database layer of buildings with their relative position, volume and height to be transformed into a format that can be directly imported and used by EMF Planner© for the relative calculations and analysis of the electromagnetic field. The geographic extent for each area or vector type file shall not exceed a maximum size of 1 square km.

Price:  € 700

EMF Planner© is distributed by CTT – Center of Telecommunications Technologies

PuglieseProgettazioni provides consulting and support services for EMF Planner©

EMF Planner© can be installed with Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 64-bit.

To use all EMF Planner© features, the Microsoft Word and Excel must be installed on the computer.

The minimum computer configuration is 64-bit Windows, Core i3 CPU, 4GB RAM, 200GB HDD, video card, and monitor with support for 1920×1080, although the program can be installed even on a less productive computer.

The recommended computer configuration is 64-bit Windows, Core i5 CPU, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, video card, and monitor with support for 1920×1080.

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