We make the Client’s goals and objectives our own, ensuring a service and professional relationship that is always reliable and transparent.


Our long experience in the field guarantees the highest level of professionalism in the achievement of objectives and the manner of execution of the tasks entrusted to us.


All of our team is registered with the professional bodies prescribed by law and highly qualified and competent to ensure the utmost professionalism and up-to-date technical and regulatory training.

AEIT – AICT Member

( Italian Association of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Automation, Computer Science and Telecommunications )

PuglieseProgettazioni è consulente per lo sviluppo del software EMF Planner©, una versione adattata a livello internazionale del software SanZone della CTT – Center of Telecommunications Technologies, azienda leader nel settore della creazione software di ingegneria elettrica, elettronica e telecomunicazioni, presente sul mercato da oltre 20 anni.

PuglieseProgettazioni is professional consultant for the development of the EMF Planner© software, an internationally adapted version of the SanZone software from  CTT – Center of Telecommunications Technologies, a leading company in the field of electrical engineering, electronics and telecommunications software creation, which has been on the market for over 20 years.

Among our main customers:

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